our story

Providing professional event management for the Fraser Valley, Events Plus Management began in April 2010 as a family-run business spearheaded by Barb Nelson, based out of Langley, B.C. Events Plus Management specializes in professional event management, including the biannual Fraser Valley Wedding Festival, the annual Westcoast Small Home Expo, managers of Fraser Valley Continuing Education, and most recently the creators of the society and culture podcast Fraser Valley Focus.

Events Plus Management began with a vision to serve the heart, soul, and wellbeing of the local Fraser Valley community. Providing excellent event experiences for both exhibitors and attendees from the moment they arrive at events until the moment they leave, Barb hoped to create truly unique events that would leave lasting impressions and impact on her community.

By putting the clients’ or attendees’ experience at the heart of every event Events Plus Management manages and presents, EPM hopes to serve the community, and create beautiful life experiences that are memorable and unforgettable. And most of all, Events Plus Management helps others to achieve exactly what they wish for at their own special celebrations and events.

At its’ core, Events Plus Management brings together a team of staff that are passionate, hard-working, and dedicated to ensure that everything is perfect for our clients’ experiences; their needs are truly listened to.

Events Plus Management will give people unique experiences and will always go the extra mile to provide a quality event for everyone.